009 portret wimABOUT WIM

Wim (1987) began his photography at Fotonika in ’s Hertogenbosch and the Royal Academy in The Hague. He soon realized that he was one of few students that wanted to pursue a career as an advertising photographer.

Wim has always been gifted at visualizing stories of personal struggles and transformation. He finds touching, humorous and moving ways to transform personal stories into campaign-ready, emotional bodies of work that personify both the difficulties and the joys of daily life and human aspirations. His unique story-telling ability combined with his amazing eye for detail is highlighted in emotional projects such as ‘Like father, like son’.

His body of work created for his graduation exhibition ‘The Club of Tall People’ is a poignantly funny showcase of his great sense of humor and his dashed childhood dream of becoming a F16 fighter pilot.

After graduation Wim further developed his technical skills and aesthetic sense as a photography assistant for great photographers including Arthur Mebius, Maarten de Groot, Wendelien Daan and Jimmy Nelson. His experiences as an assistant drove Wim to realize his ambitions to become a high-end advertising photographer, he loves climbing and is not afraid of heights.

Based: ’s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Text: Joffra Westerlaken


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